"Most popular guy in town" - Edwin, Fill Station Attendant

“Most popular guy in town” – Edwin, Fill Station Attendant

What a month! Published 9 articles, spent a lot of time working with some stellar agencies in California and found the next agency I want to write about it. Hint – its in the heart of northern California’s wine country!

This past month, I spent some time analyzing the site and its content. The outcome? Articles about the most searched topics. This new found content stream also led me to a phone conversation with a “California Water news junkie” – Chris Austin, better known for her work on Mavens Notebook. I learned quite a few awesome tricks that I’ve put into use on the blog and honestly, its proven widely popular.

Read on below to see how some of those tricks got put to good use!

These are the articles written in the past month, July 2016.

Meet the agency behind the fill station – City of Brentwood

I drove out to the City of Brentwood to discover why they are the fastest growing (by volume) Residential Recycled Water Fill Station in California.

The City of Brentwood has a love affair with recycled water. Driving into town it became obvious why such a small treatment plant has given away so much water. Nearly every capable vehicle is either hauling a tote or towing a trailer with a recycled water tank on it. At every stoplight, driving by the gas station, in front of the local Ace Hardware, it seems like everyone hauls recycled water, an impressive feat considering less than 3% of the population does it.

This was the first article of a two part series.

How much does an empty IBC tote weigh?

Recycled water temporarily stored in a tote prior to use.

Recycled water temporarily stored in a tote prior to use.

Found an empty IBC tote and put it on a giant scale and also talked to an IBC tote sales company in Illinois about how much an empty IBC tote weighs. What did I learn? You’ll have to read the article to find out. 🙂

Are you choking your pump?

I’ve used a standard garden hose isolation valve for most of my recycled water hauling career. Little did I know I was starving my utility water pump because the valve didn’t fully open. I learned, they make valves that don’t restrict the flow in the hose, so I picked one up. This is the article about that experience.

Water Resource Recovery Facility – City of Brentwood

This is the follow up article to the City of Brentwood recycled water fill station. They are required by NPDES permit that the water they discharge to the SF Bay Delta meets title 22 standards – basically the same water quality we all haul home is the same water quality they can discharge to a nearby creek.

Join us on our tour of how City of Brentwood removes the “you know what” from the sewer and turns it all into a reusable resource.

June 2016 – Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Stats

Agency totals since opening.

Agency totals since opening.

This is our longest ‘fill station stats’ article yet, but it includes some pertinent information, especially from the nations largest wastewater agency – Los Angeles City Sanitation. They opened their first residential recycled water fill station through a partnership with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

What did we learn this time? Our next fill station stats article will be much shorter, but social media loved it. Details on this later.

DIY: How to hook up an IBC Tote to garden hose

This has been on my radar ever since our guest writer Bret G wrote about how to haul recycled water with a 275 gallon tote. Believe it or not, his article is _THE_ most popular article on the blog. What it brings up, is how the heck do you connect a garden hose to it. This article explains how its done.

DIY: Storing recycled water in an IBC tote

Use a wand when hand watering.

Use a wand when hand watering.

Ever been in a situation where you want to pick up water but don’t have time to unload? Here is the article for you – temporarily storing recycled water in an IBC tote so you can unload it on your time.

A big item of note with this – make sure you use the water within a few days.

Delta Diablo expands residential recycled water fill station hours

Received a note from Delta Diablo about the expansion of hours at their residential recycled water fill station. This article shares that information with you. Thank you Delta Diablo for taking the initiative to alert me to the change. Greatly appreciate it!

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