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Saving Rain Water at Home

Rainwater tank in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia. Photo taken February 2018

After spending three summers hauling recycled water, the drought of 2014 to 2017 opened my eyes to the world of rainwater harvesting. Why? Because rain that falls for free at my house is much cheaper to capture and store than gas and vehicle maintenance costs of hauling recycled water from a local treatment plant.

In February of 2018, I went on a trip to Australia. We visited the tropics in Carnes, the dry-lands of Alice Springs and Lighting Ridge, as well as Sydney and Perth.

Most of Australia doesn’t get much rainwater, just like California has experienced in the last few years. But what Australia does really well is capture every last drop of rainwater and puts it to use at home in gardens, kitchens, bathrooms, you get the point.

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State of Recycled Water Fill Stations

Its been over a year since I last posted.

Most agencies have altered their service for fill stations while many of the major players are still in the game. There are 17 of 28 agencies open.

As of my last update, I have removed tracking of fill station hours but still maintain which agencies are providing free recycled water to their rate payers. Given the fact that California Governor has not declared the state to be in a drought situation is the main reason why many agencies who closed their costly fill stations have not re-opened them.

Plus, there are plenty of programs available to encourage residents to remove their water hungry landscapes and replace them with more drought tolerant plantings.

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Welcome to 2016 @ RecycledH2O

Dec. 29, 2015 California Drought map

Dec. 29, 2015 California Drought map

As a blog focused primarily on Recycled Water, our purpose has gained lots of attraction with California’s drought. Now as El Nino rains down upon us we can’t lose focus on our original goal. Even with this in mind we also need to focus on stories that interest you, our readers.

I spent the holiday break dissecting website stats and ironically, DIY articles and photos of the “awesome” things that come down the sewer pipe gain the most views and interest – so let’s do more of those kinds of articles this year.

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Original: Getting started with recycled h2o

This was the original “getting started with recycled h2o” but was deemed too “wordy”. A new version was updated on Friday, July 8, 2016.

Getting Started

I bought a pickup truck last year, a Ram 1500. It has a 6’4″ bed which is about 4 feet wide over the wheels. This was key as it helped determine the kind of tank I could put in the back of the truck.

4' wide between wheel wells

4′ wide between wheel wells

I looked in my owners manual or on the website for my truck and found out the truck bed supports 1200lbs. This information will be used in determining the tank and volume for the back of the bed.

Known Information

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