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Combat Carbon Atmospheric Levels With Trees

Tesla posted an article on their Facebook page about Carbon Dioxde (CO2) emissions passing the 400PPM mark, of which they then followed it up with a battery storage post. News flash, batteries don’t store CO2. Tree’s do. We should plant more trees.

As seen in the graphic from NASA above, tree’s should be planted in area’s where the red color is darkest. This is where we’ll have the biggest impact.
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Recycled Water Hauling Essentials

You’ve seen the headlines “Winter Snowpack won’t end California Drought“, and maybe you’ve seen the water conservation tables for 2016. Despite a strong El Niño that filled our reservoirs and gave us a great ski season, we’re right back to where we were last summer.

By Governor Jerry Brown’s standard, we’re still in a drought, you still have to reduce your at home water usage. So what options do you have?

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DIY: Flush the crud from your hot water heater

I am a homeowner with a hot water heater. I also living in a water service area with dissolved solids in the water supply. Combine the two in a hot water vessel and something happens. The dissolved solids drop out of suspension and form a coating on the bottom of the heater. Unfortunately, this also reduces the efficiency of the heat transfer from burning natural gas into heating water for showers or laundry.

But did you know, using the tools you probably already have at home, you can flush this crud out of your hot water heater, water the plants in your yard and increase efficiency and the life span of your hot water heater? I’m going to show you how.
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Clear Leaves from Storm Drains

Leaves blocking drain after rain.

As homeowners, we are responsible for the trees on our property. That means when trees decide to lose their leaves, we are responsible for where they go. If you’re anything like my neighbors – your mind says “if the leaves are in the street, it’s not my problem.”

Except, they are your problem. Too many leaves blocking a storm drain can cause flooding in heavy El Nino rains. Flooding leads to impassable streets, safety hazards and possibly property damage.

You have the power and ability to help keep your community safe during winter storms. If you feel up to the task, jump in and help out.

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What Can I Do To Lower My Water Usage? – Homeowner edition

current_ca_trdLast night, on the news, nearly every news station had a story on the drought and how you must reduce. But how many of them provided good, quality tips on ways that really work?

June 1st, 2015 marked the date where water reduction mandates would take effect. Homeowners MUST reduce their usage by up to 38% depending on where they live. The complete list is available here for “conservation standard” for your water company – information that is available at the State Water Resource Control Board website.

East Bay Municipal Utilities District – 16% reduction
Contra Costa Water District – 28% reduction

As a homeowner – what steps can you take to lower your usage – starting today to going extreme?

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What Can I Do – I Rent A House

A co-worker of mine is looking for a house to rent and it brought my mind back to the days when I was a landlord. I barely made enough off rent to pay the mortgage and insurance, let alone upgrade or fix anything… but that is a topic that won’t be discussed on this blog. Whether you’re a landlord or a renter, this topic fits both of you.Drought Map - April 14, 2015

As a landlord you’re looking at your bottom line, but you may not particularly care if your tenant pays the water bill. You may care if its included in rent.

As a renter, you might pay your water bill and know your usage or be oblivious to it as its covered in your rental agreement. Unfortunately you may be a breed of person that might not know that California is even in a drought. So really anything you do now will help.

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