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Recycled H2O is a “drought resistant” resource that should be available everywhere, but yet its not. Farmers use it to grow our food. Some industries use it for hose bibs or for cooling water towers (think Oil Refineries). Residential and Commercial users can utilize its resource for irrigation. We have a long way to go to making it available everywhere.

I use it to water my plants, and they love it. This blog catalogs my adventures with transporting it, using it and finding more efficient uses for it on my property. As the blog grows we’ll move on to broader topics in regards to Recycled Water.

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About Me

I am a passionate water conservationist and I just so happen to also be a Grade V State of California certified Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator in the SF Bay Area. I love to work in the yard, mountain bike, snow ski and watch A’s games.

The articles I write are generally well researched and are my own views/thoughts, not those of my employer.


When handling and transporting recycled water, please adhere to all federal, state and local laws when dealing with a tertiary or otherwise treated waste water. Please be very mindful that water is heavy (8.34 pounds per gallon) and it will shift the opposite direction during transportation. I can not be held liable for your actions of irresponsibility of anything that you have read on this personal blog.