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How much does an empty IBC tote weigh?

IBC Tote

IBC Tote

275 gallon IBC totes are the most popular option for hauling recycled water. They’re solid plastic tanks with a steel cage around them, can be easily strapped down to a truck bed or trailer and have large openings for filling and draining.

Sometimes called plastic totes, carboys, 275 gallon tanks, water totes, 275 gallon plastic water tanks, truck bed water tanks, you get the idea. They come in 275 gallon, 300 gallon and 325 gallon varieties.

But what do the tanks weigh when empty?

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275 gallon tote vs. Water Bladder vs. 55 gallon barrel

There are plenty of articles lately about new fill stations opening in Southern California (more importantly – the 4S Ranch area of San Diego County), and even more people on Twitter arguing that recycled water is not the answer (sigh). This brings up a perfect opportunity to share what recycled water haulers have learned about the containers they use.

Enter the RecycledH2O Container Shootout

Lets compare a 275 Gallon Tote to a Water Bladder to a 55 gallon barrel

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Recycled Water Tank Ideas

This page is meant to showcase how the numerous different kinds of tanks/bags/bottles you can use to transport RecycledH2O.

There may be cheaper places to buy tanks online, and I am not receiving any kind of compensation to link to these tanks. Do your research before you buy.

At most Recycled Water fill stations – there is a 300 gallon limit. Water is heavy, every gallon weighs 8.34 lbs. 300 gallons of water weighs 2500 pounds. Please choose a tank that will be supported by your vehicles holding capacity and not on what you think you need. Be safe!

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Getting started with free recycled water

Recycled Water is “Drought Resistant” meaning you can use as much of it as you want as long as you know where to get it and how to transport it.

If you have a vehicle, you can haul recycled water from a treatment plant to your home and use it to irrigate your landscape – like lawns, flower gardens, trees, vegetable plants; or use it to make concrete or for dust control or re-filling your recirculating fountain or for flushing your toilets! Recycled water is perfect for anything that needs water but won’t be used for drinking by pets or humans.

Once you’ve established interest in hauling recycled water – there are three things you need to know before diving in.

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