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Why Do I Haul Recycled Water?

Utility pump connected to 150 gallon water bladder.

Utility pump connected to 150 gallon water bladder.

By my calculations, I have hauled over 23,000 gallons of recycled water since buying my first tank in 2014. In that span, I have made 159 trips to and from a fill station, driven over 1,100 miles while carrying an extra 1250 pounds in my truck. I have since purchased a new set of tires and what do I have to show for it? My water bill is down 92% from 2013 levels and my drought tolerant yard has never been greener.

I happily haul recycled water because it is the right thing to do.

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Its all about perspective

Drinking water supply for millions of Americans. Credit:

Drinking water supply for millions of Americans.

I just spent 3 days at the California Water Environment Association Annual Conference in Santa Clara, California, and came back with a new perspective on the world of recycled water. This perspective is worth sharing with you.


Direct Potable Reuse

Direct Potable Reuse is a process where recycled water is treated using Full Advanced Treatment (FAT) technologies (the same ones used to create bottled water from sea water), the end product is cleaner than anything on the planet. This water is so pure that it could be used as a drinking water supply – but alas there isn’t any state regulations that allow for it to happen. That regulation is coming, just wait a few more months.

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OPINION: Declare Drought Over – with a catch

CA Drought Monitor. Credit: @NOAA

CA Drought Monitor. Credit: @NOAA

Dear California Governor Jerry Brown,

As we await your decision to end the drought or lower its severity as reservoirs in Northern California are nearing full capacity and the Sierra Nevada shows signs of an ample snow pack; I come with an idea to appeal to your senses.

My recommendation:

Declare the drought is over if a homeowner doesn’t have grass in front yard.

If a homeowner has grass, drought rules and its current fees/fines will continue.

What determines grass? Lawn, in the most common sense of the word. A field of weeds doesn’t count.

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