Dec. 29, 2015 California Drought map

Dec. 29, 2015 California Drought map

As a blog focused primarily on Recycled Water, our purpose has gained lots of attraction with California’s drought. Now as El Nino rains down upon us we can’t lose focus on our original goal. Even with this in mind we also need to focus on stories that interest you, our readers.

I spent the holiday break dissecting website stats and ironically, DIY articles and photos of the “awesome” things that come down the sewer pipe gain the most views and interest – so let’s do more of those kinds of articles this year.

While we were all at home with family enjoying the holiday season, I was published in an industry publication – California Water Environment Association (CWEA) – about this blog. Read it when you get a chance. It’s a huge inside view to what we’re all about.

Two items need a follow-up.

First – recycled water fill station stats. November stats weren’t published due to limited results from fill stations and extreme drops in users and quantity of water given away.

Why? Recycled Water providers are not allowed to give away water 48 hours after any rainfall event. Thus, most fill stations have remained closed. Given this scenario, fill station stats will become a quarterly topic until fill stations open again on a more regular schedule.

Second – I made mention of an article series about Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRF’s) at the end of November and have not forgotten about it. I toured a facility in late November and their article is in rough draft form. It’s coming, please bear with me.

As tweeted this week, one recycled water fil station user from Antioch told me:

Hopefully, even if rains this spring decimate the drought, Recycled Water fill stations are here to stay. The nutrients in the water sure beat any dry fertilizer on the market.

Hope you had a fantastic holiday season. Until next time.