Delta Diablo fill station.

Delta Diablo fill station in Antioch, California.

Delta Diablo confirms it is expanding hours at the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station starting August 3, 2016. After examining feasibility, the additional hours of operation for Wednesday service will be extended to 2pm-8pm.  These new operating hours will enable customers increased access to recycled water as a supplement to their existing landscape irrigation water supplies.  Saturday service hours remain unchanged at 9am-3pm.

Recycled water continues to be a viable supplemental water supply which Delta Diablo is currently supplying for industrial, commercial and landscape irrigation, in addition to what local residents are accessing directly at the treatment plant.

Their residential recycled water facility continues to be successful with 63 new residents registering and a total of 1,142,000 gallons having been collected by residents since May 2016.

Since opening the recycled water facility in 2000, Delta Diablo reports they have delivered approximately 34 billion gallons of recycled water and continue to evaluate opportunities to expand this award-winning resource recovery to both public and private partners.