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City of Livermore: Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Remains Closed

Update: Fill station returns on limited basis. See full list here: Where to get free recycled water.

The City of Livermore has decided to NOT re-open their famous Residential Recycled Water Fill Station for the summer 2016 recycled water hauling season. Seen as a major let down to city residents, the fill station operated at the Livermore treatment plant at 101 W. Jack London Blvd, was poised to re-open with improved hours to appeal to residential haulers.

With the State of California declaring the drought over, city officials deemed operation of the costly fill station wasn’t needed.

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April 2016 – Recycled Water Fill Station Stats

City of American Canyon gives away Recycled Water too!

City of American Canyon gives away Recycled Water too!

California Governor Jerry Brown declared “water conservation a way of life” this week, with the expectation that people will be mindful and conserve water. Good thing California is chock full of environmentally friendly people that want to do the right thing, even if that means spending countless hours and gallons of gasoline hauling drought resistant recycled water from a filling station to their home.

RecycledH2O receives usage stats from a number of agencies across the golden state – their information for the month of April is below in no particular order.

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DSRSD Plans To Reopen Dublin Fill Station



The Dublin San Ramon Services District, which operates a recycled water fill station at their treatment plant in Pleasanton, plans to reopen their Dublin fill station at the Dublin Safety Complex on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016. Nearly 3,600 residents of the Tri-valley and Dougherty Valley area took advantage of the fill station last summer as mandatory water conservation measures were in effect. Recycled water is a great resource for landscape irrigation and many homeowners were amazed at bright green lawns and “six foot tall tomato plants.”

DSRSD ran a survey last fall and learned that “55% of users would continue to haul if drought restrictions ended.” The top occupations of their users are Retired people and Construction workers.

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Statewide Fill Station Status

You’ve seen our map and you know we track Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations in the state of California. But did you know there are many that closed this winter that plan to re-open this summer?

I’ve spent the past few days calling each one and have great news! Most of your favorite fill stations have decided to turn the taps back on and will be opening or expanding their hours starting in May 2016. Which fill stations are they? Read on for details.

Updated 4/22/16: Delta Diablo to re-open on April 30, 2016 @ 9:00AM

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Winter Rains Didn’t Stop NorCal Recycled Water Haulers

Source: RecycledH2O Fill Station Tracker

Despite receiving more than 13″ of rain in March 2016, the top 3 Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations in Northern California gave away a combined total volume of 355,308 gallons of recycled water to residential customers. Per SWRCB permit requirements, recycled water can not be distributed while it is raining.

When compared to last year, the residential recycled water fill station at Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) was still in its infancy. They had 39 registered users and gave away 16,103 gallons. Today, they have over 2100 registered users and have given away more than 11.8 million gallons of water.

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Residential Recycled Water Fill Station – Spring 2016 Update

As El Niño begins to wane and the California Governor begins to re-think his drought limitations for this spring (they were reduced from 25% to 20% this winter and may be reduced further for this summer), we find ourselves asking area residential recycled water fill stations what they have been up to. This post is to share some of those findings.

Ironhouse Sanitary District

If you follow them on Facebook, you’ll know they’ve been “up-sizing their pipelines [to their fill station] to accommodate more flow,” said General Manager Chad Davisson in a recent Facebook post. As of March 23rd, Ironhouse should have opened back up, ready for business.

As echoed on our “Where to get Recycled Water” page, their hours are Monday & Wednesday – 11:00AM to 5:00PM and Saturday 8:00AM to 2:00PM.

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Recycled Water Fill Station Stats – December 2015

After a crazy summer season where large fill stations were giving away millions of gallons of Recycled Water each month, activity has slowed to a near standstill. As this blog does every month, we reached out to the still active Recycled Water Fill Stations in California to report on their statistics for you to see.

To see a list of currently open Recycled Water Fill Stations, check out our tracker page here. Of 22 residential recycled water fill stations that were open in California this past year, 13 are still in operation this winter.

If you question why fill stations are either closed or have severely limited their output,  Ironhouse Sanitary District in Oakley said it best:

Good downpour last night has left the ground soaked. State regulations say that if the ground is wet we can’t give out…

Posted by Ironhouse Sanitary District on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Recycled Water Fill Station Stats – October 2015

For the start of the 2016 water year, we find ourselves reporting on a handful of Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations. Of the fill stations that have reported their monthly statistics to this blog, they have given away a combined total of 68,105,724 gallons of recycled water to more than 7,500 users.

There is still high demand for this precious resource that is excellent for irrigating botanical life at your homestead. As one fill station attendant said “between rain, fewer daylight hours, cooler temperatures, and kids back in school – activity at this fill station has slowed down.”

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Recycled Water Fill Station Stats – 2015 Water Year

The 2015 Water Year just ended and more than 5,700 registered users hauled just shy of 45 million gallons of recycled water for irrigation at home. For a state locked in a historic 4 year drought this is very telling information.

As we look ahead, we should take every haulers motivation to keep their yards alive and put forward plans to bring recycled water to the masses in an economically efficient way. If anything, we need a New “Water” Year Resolution. Continue reading

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