Update: Fill station returns on limited basis. See full list here: Where to get free recycled water.

The City of Livermore has decided to NOT re-open their famous Residential Recycled Water Fill Station for the summer 2016 recycled water hauling season. Seen as a major let down to city residents, the fill station operated at the Livermore treatment plant at 101 W. Jack London Blvd, was poised to re-open with improved hours to appeal to residential haulers.

With the State of California declaring the drought over, city officials deemed operation of the costly fill station wasn’t needed.

The fill station was originally planned to reopen on June 3rd. Last year, the fill station gave away 5 million gallons to 930 registered users.

The City cites changes to the State Water Resource Control Boards revised emergency regulations for urban water conservancy which occurred on May 18th. Zone 7 is the urban water supplier for the area and have determined their water conservation target for 2016 is 0%. Recycled water was only supplied for free to residents as a mean to supplement their landscape irrigation, it was never meant to replace it.

“As was previously indicated by the City, if there is no State-mandated conservation standard, then the residential recycled water program will not be implemented. Based on the 0% conservation level, recycled water will not be made available to residents.”

The city has created ordinance 2037 which amends Municipal Code Chapter 13.26 Water Conservation, and Chapter 13.27, Mandatory Drought Conservation Measures, to amend the number of days per week of allowable outdoor irrigation from two days per week to three days per week.

Residents who would still like to pick up recycled water, are encouraged to visit Dublin San Ramon Services District in either Dublin (opening June 1st) or Pleasanton (open year round).