For the start of the 2016 water year, we find ourselves reporting on a handful of Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations. Of the fill stations that have reported their monthly statistics to this blog, they have given away a combined total of 68,105,724 gallons of recycled water to more than 7,500 users.

There is still high demand for this precious resource that is excellent for irrigating botanical life at your homestead. As one fill station attendant said “between rain, fewer daylight hours, cooler temperatures, and kids back in school – activity at this fill station has slowed down.”

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

CentralSan removed their Sunday operation and reduced hours which saved on labor costs for the fill station. The reduction also means less traffic and less water given away. Even still, just over 1.1 million gallons of recycled water was given away to 2,090 users. This is great to see.

Total Gallons Served: 11,605,479
Total Registered Users: 2090
Gallons Served October: 1,156,374

CCCSD-tgs-1015 CCCSD-tru-1015

City of Brentwood

City of Brentwood has experienced a small slowdown in gallons served, as visible by the chart below. This could be partially due to a change in hours of operation. We’ve since updated their hours on our Recycled Water Fill Station page, but their new hours are Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:00AM – 5:30PM and Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM – 3:30PM.

Total Gallons Served: 14,523,000
Total Registered Users: 1,569
Gallons Served October: 2,578,000

City of Healdsburg

Meg Lawrence at the City of Healdsburg Municipal Utility District said “due to the start of the rainy season and reduced demand for recycled water provided through the self-hauling program, the Recycled Water Filling Station at the Wastewater Treatment Facility is now closed to Self-Haulers. The filling station will re-open to Self-Haulers in Spring 2016 once significant rains have ceased. Interested parties will still be able to receive recycled water from commercial haulers during this time; the adjustment allows us to better control staff time spent serving recycled water and also to ensure recycled water isn’t carried to prohibited areas via rain water.”

Total Registered Users: 26
Total Gallons Server: 104,850
Gallons Served October: 21,865

Dublin San Ramon Services District

For the fill station that started it all, their usage recycled water giveaway program is ramping up. Total registered users has tapered off slightly, but gallons served has gone up. Even with the recent rains, we’re no where clear of the drought yet. As written in the news recently, DSRSD Operations Manager Dan Gallagher created the idea for a recycled water fill station with his wife, Rosalie.  “He and Rosalie hatched the idea in January 2014 that if DSRSD’s plentiful supply of recycled water could be distributed to the public, they could use that water to keep plants alive, and potable water that would have been used to water those plants could be saved for drinking and cooking.”

Total Registered Users: 3,589
Total Gallons Served: 27,292,000
Gallons Served October: 5,762,000

Irvine Ranch Water District

Matthew Veeh of the Irvine Ranch Water District said “we switched over to winter hours. We will still be open the same number of days and hours per week, but our operating hours have been shifted to earlier in the day so that the station is always open when it is light outside.” IRWD has ben open 2 months and they nearly doubled their give away compared to last month. We’ll create a chart next month for them.

Total Registered Users: 180
Total Gallons Served: 33,000
Gallons Served October: 23,000


Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Las Virgenes MWD has seen an increase in demand for recycled water as “it appears the popularity of the program is increasing for the residential population.” Users are up by 11 and gallons served rose by 4,944 gallons.

Total Registered Users: 53
Total Gallons Served: 6,760
Gallons Served October: 5,209

Scotts Valley Water District

At Scotts Valley Water District, usage of the fill station has nearly doubled and total registered users increased by 17. This is great! SVWD has only been open 2 months, so not enough data for a chart. Next month we’ll create one.

Total Registered Users: 70
Total Gallons Served: 70,620
Gallons Served October: 41,813

Sonoma County Water Agency

Sonoma County Water Agency operated their recycled water fill station from August 2015 to October 28, 2015 and had 180 visits and gave away 30,000 gallons. Per their press release, they closed their fill station but will re-open it mid-November to interested users on Wednesdays between 8:00AM and 11:00AM.

Total Gallons Served: 30,000



If you’re a fill station operator and would like your data included, please send me a message at or contact me on twitter @RecycledH20.