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Its never to late to do a content roll-up unless I skip a month. October was a slim month for me (and this blog) as family matters took my mind away from writing. Thus only 3 quick articles (and lots of time on Twitter).

Without further ado – lets cut to the chase. Below is a list of articles since the September 2015 – Content Roll-up.

  • Recycled Water Fill Station Stats – 2015 Water Year – Eight residential recycled water fill stations shared their usage stats with RecycledH2O and we found in the past water year, over 5,700 registered users took home over 45,000,000 gallons of recycled water.
  • Every Holiday Has Its Own Pollution – Halloween Edition – After pollution prevention week, RecycledH2O took on a new found interest in letting people re-connect with where their wastewater goes. With that, we created a small public education campaign to educate parents with children to encourage their kids to NOT flush candy wrappers.
    • This project was successful as it found its way onto various social media platforms by area agencies.
  • Delta Diablo extends Recycled Water Fill Station ‘Pilot’ Program – Angela Lowrey, Public Information Manager at Delta Diablo clued me into news about extending their Recycled Water Fill Station ‘Pilot’ Program until the end of the year. Little did I know that when I posted it, no other media outlet had done so. Thus – we got the exclusive scoop!

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