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A list of every “content roll-up” article on RecycledH2O. Content Roll-up’s are a monthly wrap up of every article and brief commentary written that month. Information includes the top twitter and facebook posts as well.

November 2015 – Content Roll-up

November has started the holiday season and with that winter rains which seems to have hampered demand for Recycled Water. I know I hauled maybe 300 gallons throughout the month. Winter rains have come and I just don’t need the water as much anymore.

Activity on the blog around recycled water has decreased as well while we explore other topics that may interest you. Below is a quick wrap up of article published in November 2015 including top Twitter and Facebook posts.

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August 2015 – Content Roll Up

Another month has been completed and lots of changes. Plenty of new fill stations have come online (3 new ones in SoCal!), lots of activity on Twitter (new followers, retweets & favorites) and a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Southern California made graphics for an article I posted.

Lets get to the content roll up for August 2015 – below is a list of every article written since the July 2015 – Content Roll Up.

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July 2015 – Content Roll Up

Lots of activity this time around. The twitter handle @RecycledH20 has grown, so has our page. If you’re on either medium, be sure to follow/like the page.

Below is every article written since the last content roll-up. 21 articles total.

What is it good for? Absolutely everything! 😉

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June 2015 – Content Roll Up

V__1E82I am very impressed at how much activity this blog has received. From starting as a way to tell the world what I do to the guest writers and some very in depth articles, I like where things are going. There is a Facebook page with status updates and photos from the road and I’m trying to get a Twitter handle going as well.

Lots of interest from the community – its a good thing Recycled Water is a hot topic, especially during this California Drought.

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