Another month has been completed and lots of changes. Plenty of new fill stations have come online (3 new ones in SoCal!), lots of activity on Twitter (new followers, retweets & favorites) and a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Southern California made graphics for an article I posted.

Lets get to the content roll up for August 2015 – below is a list of every article written since the July 2015 – Content Roll Up.

We started the month with an interview of an elected official – City of San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson – and what they’re doing with recycled water. We learned the city has had issues with the salt in recycled water as it is killing their redwood trees.

Ironhouse Sanitary District posted their fill station stats for the month of July and they gave away just over a half million gallons of recycled water.

For #RecycledWaterWednesday we learned about the concept of ‘Designer Water’ – different water qualities for different purposes.

While researching information for another article (not yet posted as of today), the City of Brentwood shared their fill station stats and learned they gave away over 4 million gallons of recycled water in 8 weeks.

In a two-part series, a video was created to show tank slosh in an IBC Tote and secondly offered DIY tips to reduce slosh. Pictures of overloaded vehicles were also displayed.


Website Re-organization

Subtle changes were made to the website, the big addition is the FAQ on the top right corner – built specifically for fill stations to copy and readers to enjoy. Most fill stations will answer the question, RecycledH2O figured out why, then compiled them all in one easy to read place.


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