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Ironhouse Sanitary District Recycled Water Fill Station Usage Statistics

Ironhouse Sanitary District Recycled Water Blog

Ironhouse Sanitary District Recycled Water Blog

After my recent post about usage stats from CCCSD, I figured it would be only fair to see if the other area Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations posted data of their own. The only other district to do so is Ironhouse Sanitary District in Oakley.

Ironhouse Sanitary District has their own website where they blog about news and updates for their Residential Recycled Water Fill Station. You can access it here:

On Friday, July 10th, they published their Residential Recycled Water Fill Station stats dating back from June 20th, 2015 up to July 8th, 2015.

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CCCSD Recycled Water Fill Station Usage Statistics



I was perusing the latest board meeting agenda from July 9, 2015 at the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District website and found some very interesting statistics from their Recycled Water Fill Station.

Much like I posted the other day, CCCSD Fill Station Routes Traffic Along New Route, which included some statistics… now I’ve got bar and pie charts. Fancy spreadsheet madness, probably courtesy of Microsoft Excel!

“CCCSD has the Best [Customer] Service.” – a Danville fill station user

Since CCCSD started their Residential Recycled Water Fill Station, they have given away 1,557,538 gallons of free Recycled Water! WOW!

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Why is there a 300 gallon limit on Recycled Water?

300 gallon IBC tote filling in the back of a work truck.

This question has plagued me for a months and something I always wondered. Why is there a 300 gallon limit at a Free Recycled Water Fill Station?

Is it because most IBC totes are 275-300 gallons? Not quite.

Is it because its written in Title 22 of the Recycled Water regulation? Good luck reading 86 pages, you won’t find it there.

Is it because any volume more and you should get a water meter for the truck hydrant fill program? Nope!

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Recycled Water Helps Maintain Curb Appeal

A brown lawn in front of a million dollar house is unappealing when it comes to potential home buyers. It comes with a sense that if the lawn is brown, what else in the house isn’t being cared for. And that kind of sentiment drives down home values.

Recycled Water, with its richness of fertilizer infused water can help you or your neighbors maintain curb appeal, especially in a drought. If you already haul recycled water, now is the time to spread the wealth to your neighbors and help them by watering their front yard while you water yours.

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Hauling 275 gallons of Recycled Water with an IBC Tote

I bought a house last year that I share with my girlfriend and dog. Like any guy that is mechanical in nature I would much rather be outside working in the yard than being couped up inside playing on the computer. With the California drought, I took an interest in hauling RecycledH2O as I drive a massive truck and have a thirsty lawn and yard. Here is my story.

WP_20150417_005-1I drive a Ford F350 which can support over 2600 lbs in the truck bed. I tried the 150 gallon bladder option but would much rather transport more water per trip as my truck can handle the load. I wanted to haul more water, so I found a 275 gallon IBC tote on Craigslist for a little more than $100. It worked perfectly for my needs.

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Using Recycled Water as Fertilizer

56 - Zoysia-GrassAny homeowner with a lawn can attest that in order to have a lush green lawn they need to water it and apply fertilizer. Between finding the appropriate fertilizer strength, to buying the tools to properly spread it so the grass doesn’t burn, to applying ridiculous amounts of water to break down the granules so that maybe some day the grass will be lush. Or paying a lawn fertilizer application company like TruGreen to fertilize your lawn for you at a minimum of $30/application.

This is easy – people don’t want their green lawns to go brown.

Did you know that Recycled Water already has some of the same elements in found in fertilizer and when applied to lawns they start working immediately?

Whats the Best Fertilizer For Your Lawn? Recycled Water. Water soluble nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium ready to work now with no extra watering required. Read on for details as to why.

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Is RecycledH2O … Gray Water?

We were downtown today and met a couple from Sacramento. They were concerned about our drought and asked how they could get gray water at their house. I asked them what they defined gray water as and they said “you know, recycled water.”


Recycled Water is not “Gray Water” and this post is meant to differentiate the two.

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What impact does RecycledH2O have on plants in the garden?

What is in recycled water?

The process to create recycled water begins at the end of a wastewater treatment plant. Think of its source as water suitable for the receiving waterway. Depending on how it’s treated – recycled water will be dosed with some Sodium Hypochlorite (NaCl) [I’ll call it Chlorine] – used as a disinfectant.

The recycled water permit issued by the state dictates how much residual Chlorine is in the water – Title 22 is that permit if you want some bedtime reading –

At every recycled water treatment facility, they are required continually test their recycled water Chlorine residual levels 24 hours a day and store the results.

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Adventures at CCCSD Residential Fill Station

Earlier this week I posted Step-by-Step – Getting and Unloading RecycledH2O from CCCSD Residential Fill Station. This is a follow-up in regards to the Adventures at CCCSD Residential Fill Station.

When the fill station first opened in November 2014, they didn’t have much activity. In December it rained cats and dogs and flooded parts of Sausalito. Same for January. Soon word got out and the onslaught of Free Recycled Water hungry residents descended on the Residential Fill Station at CCCSD in Martinez. CentralSan had a need to promote their fill station – its usage is apart of their 2014-2016 Strategic Plan.

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