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Step-by-Step – Getting and Unloading RecycledH2O from CCCSD Residential Fill Station

I wrote my first post on Getting Started with RecycledH2O rather quickly and realized I may have left things out. I hope with this post it clarifies things a little.

My truck bed supports ~ 1200 lbs which is about 143 gallons of water (1200lbs divided by 8.34 lbs/gallon =143 gallons). I bought a 150 gallon tank that fits in the back of my truck. Larger trucks could support more weight, smaller vehicles hold less. It all depends on how much water you need and what is your application.

Things You Will Need (in no particular order)

  • Vehicle to transport water with – a gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs
  • Tank to hold water in – should have a screw on cap/lid
  • Hose connection to unload tank
  • Pump (or gravity fed)
  • Discharge hose/piping to water yard or fill on site tank

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Hand Watering with Recycled H2O

Part 1 – Getting Started With Recycled Water

Part 2 – Continues below

Part 3 – Tips & Tricks to Unload Recycled Water More Efficiently Added July, 7, 2015

The first time driving home was interesting. It took longer to get home, but I didn’t care. My lawn was dormant (probably dead) but I wanted to see if that would change. This would be the first of many loads.

Lets establish a baseline of how dead the front yard looked prior to watering.


Nearly dead grass, lilies suffering, etc.

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What is recycled water?

Recycled is a resource for homeowners who haul recycled water, it provides information on tanks, pumps, irrigation supplies as well what plants love or hate the resourceful liquid commodity.  During the sunny hauling season this blog answers questions that everyone has – such as what tanks to buy for vehicles or how to unload once home. In the winter, when irrigation needs are low, the blog focuses on Rainwater Harvesting.

Recycled H2O is also known as Reclaimed Water, reused water or recycled water.

As written on Wikipedia – reclaimed water is treated waste water (sewage) that can be used in irrigation of plants/trees and should not be consumed by humans or animals. There are state and federal regulations that dictate the level of treatment for recycled water.

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RecycledH2O – Welcome

California is in the midst of an epic drought. Governor Jerry Brown just mandated a mandatory 25% reduction in water usage compared to 2013 for residential customers. For most, this means cutting back on sprinkler run time for lawns. For others this means finding other sources of water or making lifestyle changes.

This is where Recycled Water comes into play, it is drought resistant!

This blog is meant to catalog my adventures in design, transportation and usage of recycled water in my yard.

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