As previously noted in “What Impact Does Recycled Water Have On Plants In The Garden” this is the fifth set in a series of data as provided from the UC Davis Report on “Landscape Plant Selection Guide For Recycled Water Irrigation“.

For this table, grasses are listed in 4 columns. The first is its Botanical Name, second column is Common Name, third column is its tolerance to salt spray and fourth column is its tolerance to soil salinity.

Plants were watered with spray irrigation from recycled water. The big take-away with this list is almost all grasses can handle recycled water and thrive in its environment.

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As mentioned from the previous post,

  • High Tolerance can withstand “salt spray with 1000mg/L-1 NaCl and are tolerant to soil salinity beyond 10 dS/m-1. “
  • Tolerant  plants leaves will begin to show stress with salt concentrations beyond 200-300 mg/L-1 and are tolerant to soil salinity below 6 dS/m-1.
  • Moderately Tolerant plants can handle spray from most recycled water but “may show signs of stress later in the growing season as salt accumulation on their leaves is high.”
  • Sensitive plants “may develop stress symptoms under salt spray if the water sodium concentration reaches 200 mg/L-1 … especially during warm and dry conditions. Plants sensitive to salt spray are also sensitive to soil salinity. For example, roses may develop severe salt stress if soil salinity reaches 3 dS/m-1.

High Tolerance plants are labeled with H.
Tolerant plants are labeled with T.
Moderately Tolerant plants are labeled M.
Sensitive plants are labeled S.

Botanical name Common name Tolerance
to salt
to soil
Photo of
Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn. Fairway Wheatgrass M M 01 - fairway wheatgrass
Agropyron elongatum (host) Beauv. Tall Wheatgrass M T 02 - agropyron-elangatum
Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv. Intermediate Wheatgrass M M The terminal two-sided spike is very rigid due to the coarseness of the glumes, lemmas, and internodes.
Agropyron sibiricum Willd. Siberian Wheatgrass M M 04 - Siberian-Wheatgrass
Agropyron smithii Rydb. Western Wheatgrass M M 05 - western wheatgrass
Agropyron trachycaulum (Link) Malte Slender Wheatgrass M M
Agrostis palustris Hunds. Creeping Bentgrass M M 07 - Creeping Bentgrass
Agrostis palustris Hunds. Creeping Bentgrass, (Seaside variety) T M 08 - Creeping Bentgrass, (Seaside variety)
Agrostis tenuis Sibth. Colonial Bentgrass M M 09 - Colonial Bentgrass
Allopecurus pratensis L. Meadow Foxtail S S 10 - Meadow Foxtail
Arrhenatherum elatius Beauv. Oat Grass M S 11 - Oat Grass
Bouteloua gracilis (H.B.K.) Lag. Ex Steud. Blue grama M M 12 - bluegramaweb
Bromus carinatus Hook. et Arm. California Brome M M 13 - california_brome--bromus_carinatus
Bromus inermis Leyss. Bromegrass, smooth T M 14 - Smooth-Bromegrass
Bromus marginatus Nees Bromegrass, mountain T M 15 - Bromegrass, mountain
Bromus unioloides Willd. Rescue Grass T M 16 - Rescuegrass
Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm. Buffalograss M M 17 - Buffalograss
Chloris gayana Kunth Rhodes Grass T M 18 - Rhodes Grass
Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. Bermuda Grass T T 19 - Bermuda
Dactylis glomerata L. Orchard Grass S S 20 - Orchard Grass
Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) Beauv. California Hairgrass M S 21 - California Hairgrass
Deschampsia elongata (Hook) Munro ex Benth. Slender Hairgrass T M 22 - Slender Hairgrass
Distichlis spicata L. Greene. Saltgrass H H 23 - Saltgrass
Elymus angustus Trin. Altai Wildrye T T Leymus arenarius
Elymus canadensis L. Canadian Wildrye T T 25 - Canadian Wild Rye
Elymus glaucus Buckl. Blue Wildrye T M Blue Wildrye
Elymus junceus L. Russian Wildrye T T 26 - Russian-Wildrye
Elymus triticoides Buckl. Beardless Wildrye T T 27 - Beardless Wildrye - LeymusTriticoides
Eragrostis sp. Beauv. Love Grass M S 28 - lovegrass
Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro) Hack. Centipede Grass M M 29 - Centipede_Grass
Festuca arundinacea Schreb. Tall Fescue T M 30 - Tall Fescue
Festuca californica Vasey. California Fescue T M 31 - California Fescue
Festuca elatior L. Meadow Fescue M M 32 - Meadow-Fescue
Festuca longifolia Thuill. Hard Fescue M M 33 - hard_fescue
Festuca rubra L. Creeping Fescue M M 34 - Creeping-Fescue
Leptochloa  fusca (L.) Kunth [syn. Diplachne fusca Beauv.] Kallargrass T T 35 - Kallargrass
Lolium multiflorum Lam. Annual Ryegrass S S 36 - Annual Ryegrass
Lolium perenne L. Perennial Ryegrass M M 37 - perennial ryegrass
Melica californica Scribn. California Melic M M
Muhlenbergia rigens Benth. Deergrass T T 39 - Deergrass
Panicum antidotale Retz. Panicgrass T M 40 - Panicgrass
Paspalum dilatatum Vasey Dallisgrass S S 41 - dallis grass
Paspalum notatum Flugge. Bahiagrass M M 42 - bahia_grasss
Paspalum vaginatum L. (Seashore ecotype) Seashore Paspalum H T 43 - Seashore Paspalum
Phalaris arundinacea L. Canarygrass T M 44 - Canarygrass
Phalaris tuberosa L. Harding Grass M M 45 - Harding Grass
Phleum pratense L. Timothy S S 46 - Timothy Grass
Poa annua L. Annual Bluegrass S S 47 - annual-bluegrass
Poa pratensis L. Kentucky Bluegrass S S 48 - Kentucky Bluegrass
Poa scabrella (Thurb.) Benth. Pine Bluegrass T M 49 - Pine Bluegrass
Poa trivialis L. Rough Bluegrass S S 50 - rough bluegrass
Puccinellia airoides Parl. Alkaligrass H H 51 - Puccinellia_nuttalliana - Alkaligrass
Sorghum sudanense (Piper) Stapf. Sundangrass M M 52 - Sudan grass
Sporobolus airoides Torr. Alkali Sacaton H H 53 - Alkali Sacaton
Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walt.) Kuntze. St. Augustine Grass T M
Zea mays L. Corn M S 55 - corn
Zoysia japonica Steud. Zoysiagrass M M 56 - Zoysia-Grass

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