As previously noted in “What Impact Does Recycled Water Have On Plants In The Garden” this is the fourth in a series of data as provided from the UC Davis Report on “Landscape Plant Selection Guide For Recycled Water Irrigation“.

For this table, ground covers and vines are listed in 4 columns. The first is its Botanical Name, second column is Common Name, third column is its tolerance to salt spray and fourth column is its tolerance to soil salinity.

Plants were watered with spray irrigation from recycled water. The big take-away with this list is almost most ground covers and vines can handle RecycledH2O and thrive in its environment.

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As mentioned from the previous post,

  • High Tolerance can withstand “salt spray with 1000mg/L-1 NaCl and are tolerant to soil salinity beyond 10 dS/m-1. “
  • Tolerant plants leaves will begin to show stress with salt concentrations beyond 200-300 mg/L-1 and are tolerant to soil salinity below 6 dS/m-1.
  • Moderately Tolerant plants can handle spray from most recycled water but “may show signs of stress later in the growing season as salt accumulation on their leaves is high.”
  • Sensitive plants “may develop stress symptoms under salt spray if the water sodium concentration reaches 200 mg/L-1 … especially during warm and dry conditions. Plants sensitive to salt spray are also sensitive to soil salinity. For example, roses may develop severe salt stress if soil salinity reaches 3 dS/m-1.

High Tolerance plants are labeled with H.
Tolerant plants are labeled with T.
Moderately Tolerant plants are labeled M.
Sensitive plants are labeled S.

Ground Cover

Botanical name Common name Tolerance
to salt
to soil
Photo of
Adiantum sp. L. Maidenhair Fern M M 01 - Adiantum_pedatum - maidenhair fern
Ajuga repens Carpet Bugle S S 02 - Ajuga_reptans - carpet bugle
Aloe vera Burm. f. Aloe H T 03 - Aloe-vera - aloe
Alternanthera ficoidea R. Br. Joyweed M M 04 - Alternanthera - joyweed
Aptenia cordifolia N. E. Br. Red Apple Iceplant T T 05 - aptenia cordifolia - Red Apple Iceplant
Arctostaphylos densiflora ‘Lynne’ M.S.Bak. Lynne’s Vine Hill Manzanita M M 06 - acrtostaphylos densiflora - Lynne’s Vine Hill Manzanita
Athyrium filix-femina Rith. Lady Fern S S 07 - athyrium filix-femina - fern_lady
Bromeliaceae sp. L. Bromeliads M M 08 - bromeliaceae - bromeliads
Caladium sp. Vent. Caladium S S 09 - caladiums
Carissa macrocarpa A. DC. Natal Plum H T 10 - natalplum
Carpobrotus edulis L. Bolus. Hottentot Fig H T 11 - carpobrotus-edulis - Hottentot Fig
Catharanthus roseus G. Donf. Periwinkle T M 12 - Catharanthus_roseus - Periwinkle
Chlorophytum comosum Jacq. Spider Plant M M 13 - chlorophytum comosum - spiderplant
Cuphea hyssopifolia Kunth. False Heather M T 14 - cuphea hyssopifolia - False Heather
Cyperus alternifolius L. Umbrella Sedge M M 15 - Cyperus - umbrella sedge
Delosperma ‘Alba’ N. E. White Iceplant H H 16 - delosperma - White Iceplant
Dietes spp. Salisb. ex Klatt. African Iris M M 17 - dietes - african-iris
Drosanthemum hispidum Schwantes. Rosea Iceplant H H 18 - desoanthemum hispidum - Rosea Iceplant
Ficus pumila L. Creeping Fig H T 19 - ficus_pumila - Creeping Fig
Hemerocallis sp. L. Daylily M M 20 - Hemerocallis - Daylily
Iris hexagona Walter Iris M M 21 - iris hexagona - Walter Iris
Juniperus chinensis L. Chinese Juniper M M 22 - juniperus chinensis - Chinese Juniper
Juniperus conferta Parl. Shore Juniper T T 23 - juniperus conferta - Shore Juniper
Juniperus horizontalis Moench. Creeping Juniper H T 24 - Juniperus horizontalis - Creeping Juniper
Juniperus procumbens Siebild ex Endl. Japanese Garden Juniper M M OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Kalanchoe sp. Adans. Kalanchoe M M 26 - Kalanchoe
Lampranthus productus N. E. Br. Purple Iceplant H H 27 - Purple Iceplant
Liriope muscari L. H. Bail. Lilyturf (Liriope) M M 28 - liriope-muscari - Lilyturf (Liriope)
Malephora crocea Schwantes. Iceplant H H 29 - Ice Plant
Nephrolepis exaltata Schott. Sword Fern H T 30 - Sword Fern
Peperomia obtusifolia Dietr. Peperomia S S 31 - Peperomia_caperata - Peperomia
Portulaca grandiflora Hook. Purslane (Rose Moss) M S 32 - Purslane (Rose Moss)
Rosmarinus officinalis L. Rosemary M M 33 - Rosemary
Salvia farinacea Benth. Mealycup Sage S S 34 - Mealycup Sage
Tigridia pavonia Ker Gawler Tiger Flower T M 35 - Tigridia_pavonia - tiger flower
Tradescantia pallida Hunt. Purple Queen H T 36 - Tradescantia_pallida - purple queen
Tulbaghia violacea Harvey Society Garlic M M 37 - Harvey Society Garlic
Verbena sp. L. Verbena S S 38 - verbena
Zamia integrifolia L. f. Coontie H T 39 - Coontie


Botanical name Tolerance to salt spray Common name Tolerance to salt spray Tolerance to soil salinity Photo of Plants
Allamanda blanchetii A. DC. Purple Allamanda M M 01 - Purple Allamanda
Allamanda cathartica L. Allamanda T T 02 - Allamanda
Antigonon leptopus Hookery Coral Vine S M 03 - Coral Vine
Bougainvillea glabra Choisy Bougainvillea H T 04 - Choisy Bougainvillea
Campsis radicans Seem. Trumpet Creeper S S 05 - Trumpet Creeper
Clerodendrum thomsoniae Balf. F. Bleeding Heart Vine S S 06 - Clerodendrum_thomsoniae_-_bleeding-heart_vine
Clytostoma callistegioides Miers ex Bur. Violet Trumpet Vine S S 07 - Violet Trumpet Vine
Epipremnum sp. Schott. Pothos M M 08 - pothos
Ficus pumila L. Creeping Fig H T 09 - Creeping Fig
Hedera canariensis Willd. Algerian Ivy H T 10 - algerian-ivy
Hedera helix L. English Ivy M M 11 - English Ivy2jpg
Hylocereus undatus Britton & Rose Night Blooming Cereus M M 12 - Night_Blooming_Cereus
Ipomoea pescaprae R. Br. Railroad Vine H T 13 - Railroad Vine
Ipomoea stolonifera Gmel. Seafoam Morning Glory H T 14 - Ipomoea_stolonifera - seafoam morning glory
Passiflora incarnata L. Passion Flower S S 15 - Passion Flower
Philodendron williamsii Hook. Philodendron M M 16 - Philodendron
Tecomaria capensis Spach. Cape Honeysuckle H T 17 - tecomaria_capensis - Cape Honeysuckle
Trachelospermum jasminoides Lem. Star Jasmine T T 18 - Star Jasmine


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