Summer is in full swing and recycled water is flowing out fill station hoses by the million gallons per week! Preliminary stats are in and we’re looking great considering drought rules have been relaxed.

In June, 4 more residential recycled water fill stations opened in the state of California.

In the three months City of Healdsburgs’ fill station was open last year, they gave away 111,947 gallons of recycled water to 26 registered customers. Self-haulers used it to irrigate grass, tree’s, flower gardens or vineyards. Recycled water is a perfect resource, saving precious drinking water supplies.

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Water Resource Recovery Leader: Delta Diablo

Delta Diablo does more than provide recycled water to their residential haulers, they distribute irrigation water to schools, parks and two golf courses and are required to supply cooling water for two power plants in the Bay Area. RecycledH2O visited them and learned about the awesome things are are doing to advance technological innovation in this every important sector of protecting public health and the environment.

This article was also picked up by the California Water Environment Association in their monthly newsletter.

DIY: How to prime a utility water pump

Hydrostar Portable Utility Water Pump from Harbor Freight

Hydrostar Portable Utility Water Pump from Harbor Freight

Hauling recycled water is a do-it-yourself task, so is getting all the air out of a utility water pump so you can quickly unload water from barrels, tanks or bags. This quick article shows how to prime a water pump, including a quick video. In our example, the pump was acquired from Harbor Freight – a Hydrostar 1500 GPH Utility Water Pump.

May 2016 – Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Stats


Fill Station Stats quotes.

Every month, this blog reaches out to every recycled water fill station in the state, the agencies that respond provide these stats to both promote their services and be transparent with the data they provide to the public. We thank them for the opportunity to share with you what they’re doing.

For this article we asked a pertinent question “What else does <agency name> do with recycled water?” The results are astounding!

DIY: How to strap down a water barrel

Single barrel strapped down.

Single barrel strapped down.

This is one of the most searched questions on our site and was something even I was worried about the first time I hauled water in a barrel.

In this Do It Yourself article we show you how to strap down a water barrel to a truck bed. You’ll need a ratchet strap (that you can get from any hardware store) and some barrels. The ones in the article are 55 gallon drums.

Why do I haul recycled water?

I’m constantly asked this question. I don’t have recycled water plumbed to my house and I have a vehicle that can transport it. I also have the motivation and the time to do it. Why do I haul? Its the right thing to do.

Oakley resident conserves 30% on water bill, hauling recycled water


“Golf Course Green” lawn.

While researching information for another article, I came across an Oakley resident who hauls 110 gallons in his Toyota Tacoma every other day. These are photos and his story of how he keeps his lawn “golf course green” while saving 30% on his water bill.

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