(Source: DSRSD.com)

(Source: DSRSD.com)

The Dublin San Ramon Services District, which operates a recycled water fill station at their treatment plant in Pleasanton, plans to reopen their Dublin fill station at the Dublin Safety Complex on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016. Nearly 3,600 residents of the Tri-valley and Dougherty Valley area took advantage of the fill station last summer as mandatory water conservation measures were in effect. Recycled water is a great resource for landscape irrigation and many homeowners were amazed at bright green lawns and “six foot tall tomato plants.”

DSRSD ran a survey last fall and learned that “55% of users would continue to haul if drought restrictions ended.” The top occupations of their users are Retired people and Construction workers.

(Source: DSRSD.com)

The Dublin Safety Complex is located at 6363 Clark Avenue in Dublin, California. The Dublin fill station is much smaller than the one in Pleasanton, as there are only 8 back-in hoses versus the 33 back-in and drive-through hoses at the large fill station. The fill station parking lot is small, so vehicles pulling trailers are directed to the Pleasanton Fill station at 7399 Johnson Drive. (map)

Recycled water haulers that wish to use the Dublin fill station should approach via Village Parkway, and turn right into the Safety Complex/Fill Station. This is to prevent traffic from backing up on Dublin Boulevard. Users may not turn onto Clark Avenue from Dublin Boulevard.

Fill station hours are set to be (and are subject to change):

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

DSRSD’s larger Pleasanton Fill Station has different hours and days of operation, you can find more information about them and all the fill stations in the state of California at “Where to Get Recycled Water”.

As with most fill stations, there is a 300 gallon per load maximum, but no limit on the number of trips per day a hauler can make. The 300 gallon limit is purely a safety related figure as it weighs 2500 pounds. Find out why it was setup that way in our FAQ. Be sure to not exceed the carrying capacity of your vehicle, fill stations are not responsible for damage to your vehicle when hauling recycled water. Refer to RecycledH2O’s vehicle chart for ballpark cargo capacities and size your container appropriately.

Four vehicles and the volume of water they can safely haul.

Four vehicles and the volume of water they can safely haul. Check your owners manual for details.

The recycled water is free to any resident willing to purchase containers and transport it. Users of the fill station do not have to be customers of DSRSD. In order to haul water, users must sign a recycled water use agreement and receive training. Then an ID card will be given to new users. Complete instructions for using DSRSD’s fill stations are available online at their website: www.dsrsd.com/free-recycled-water.

Dublin San Ramon Services District has given away over 28.4 million gallons of recycled water since their programs inception to nearly 3,650 registered users. Their Pleasanton fill station was open this winter, except not on days of measurable rainfall. Even with El Niño rains, they still gave away 1,179,000 gallons.