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In The News … More Contra Costa residents using free, recycled water to keep landscapes green

KTVU Channel 2 news in the bay area came out to the Recycled Water fill station in Martinez yesterday and interviewed their public relations representative and a member of the public who waters his grass with free RecycledH2O.

“A couple weeks ago I went to Lake Chabot and it looked like it was down about 30 feet,” he said. “It was mind-boggling.”

Liberty is one of the hundreds of people who’ve signed up for the recycled water program this year. The number of users has more than doubled in the past month.

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In The News… – CCWD Board Approves State-Mandated Drought Emergency Plan

Totally expected, EBMUD did it two days ago.

To comply with the state order for a 25 percent statewide reduction in water use, the Contra Costa Water District is implementing an updated drought program in a two-step process.

  • Starting Now: On April 15, the CCWD Board of Directors set a water conservation requirement of 25 percent compared to 2013 and adopted new water-use prohibitions to comply with statewide mandates that include limiting outdoor irrigation to two days per week. You are strongly encouraged to begin saving water immediately and adjust your automatic sprinklers now. You will not face any temporary pricing adjustment charges until the Board has approved the plan on June 4.
  • Soon: To encourage all customers to meet the 25 percent reduction requirement, the Board of Directors will consider temporary pricing adjustments as called for in the Governor’s Executive Order. If approved by the Board, this will include a temporary pricing adjustment for households that use more than 200 gallons per day. This would temporarily increase the unit cost of treated water by 50 cents. The Board will also consider a fine for violating water use prohibitions.
  • You will not be subject to the temporary pricing adjustment until the Board approves the plan. If approved on June 3, it would be most-likely become effective immediately.
  • As proposed, if you use less than 200 gallons per day, you will not be subjected to the temporary pricing adjustment. Households that reduce water use by 25 percent will be able to lower their bills.

Read more @ – Contra Costa Water District Board Approves State-Mandated Drought Emergency Plan, Calls for 25% Reduction in Water Use

If you see CCWater Customers wasting water – let CCWD know about it.

In The News… – EBMUD Board Approves Drought Measures, Increase Restriction

As posted a few days, EBMUD was expected to approve Governor Jerry Browns mandated water restrictions. Now they have.

As expected, East Bay Municipal Utility District’s 1.3 million customers are in for some drastic water restrictions and increased penalties unless they get on board with water conservation.

On Tuesday, the EBMUD board approved several measures and declared a stage 4 drought emergency. They also increased conservation targets from 15% to 20%.

The problem is, those who live in the East Bay aren’t anywhere near those targets.

“Our customers have not given it to us this year, so far we have only gotten 6%, so we really need to step up our game in terms of conservation,” said EBMUD spokesperson Nelsy Rodriguez.

The board is set to adopt outdoor watering restrictions. The limit for outdoor watering is already limited to 2 days a week, but now the hours between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. will be off limits.

Read more @ Kron4 – EBMUD Board Approves Drought Measures, Increase Restrictions

If you see EBMUD users wasting water – let EBMUD know.

In The News… – Two East Bay water boards to vote on mandatory cutbacks in water use

Just posted online today!

The East Bay Municipal Utility District board on Tuesday will consider mandatory districtwide reductions of 20 percent below use in 2013. Currently, the district is asking its 1.3 million customers to voluntarily cut back 15 percent.

The Contra Costa Water District Board on Wednesday will consider mandatory reductions of 25 percent — up sharply from its 15 percent voluntary conservation program.

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