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The East Bay Municipal Utility District board on Tuesday will consider mandatory districtwide reductions of 20 percent below use in 2013. Currently, the district is asking its 1.3 million customers to voluntarily cut back 15 percent.

The Contra Costa Water District Board on Wednesday will consider mandatory reductions of 25 percent — up sharply from its 15 percent voluntary conservation program.

The two elected water boards are responding to Gov. Jerry Brown’s April 1 order for California urban water districts to cut back 25 percent on average. The exact reduction amount varies according to a district’s per capita water use, the state water board has decided.

EBMUD and Contra Costa County officials this week also will consider a ban on watering lawns and plants more than twice a week.

“We managed this drought with minimal impact to customers of the local economy,” said EBMUD General Manager Alexander Coate. “We can’t know how dry next winter will be so we must save as much as we can starting today.”


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