Offering free recycled water – A smart and sustainable choice for residential and commercial users

Elk Grove, CA – On May 22, 2017, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) will re-open its Recycled Water Fill Station for the 2017 season. The fill station is located at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Elk Grove. Recycled water offers residential and commercial users a free, safe and sustainable choice to irrigate lawns, gardens and landscaping or for dust control or other permitted uses. 

The Recycled Water Fill Station has several connection bays for cars, trucks and commercial water tankers to fill approved containers. Participants must complete an application and a brief training session before filling up. In addition, users must apply the recycled water in the Regional San service area.

Recycled water is expected to be available through the dry season – typically May through October. “Although it rained a lot this winter, that doesn’t mean water conservation is over – in fact, the state is encouraging us to think of water conservation as a way of life.” said Jose Ramirez, Regional San’s water recycling program manager.

“A key goal of our sustainable water recycling program is to help reduce the region’s dependence on precious potable water supplies, such as groundwater and surface water, to meet non-potable demands for irrigation and industrial users. Our recycled water fill station is just one program element that can assist us in reaching our goals,” said Ramirez.

For more information about date, hours of operation and to sign up, visit: or by calling (916) 876-FILL. Learn more about Regional San’s other sustainable water recycling projects at