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MLB: Recycled water MIA at California Stadiums

How much water is needed for this field?

Have you ever wondered how much grass is at a Major League Baseball stadium? We did and found the answer.

The average professional baseball field will use around 100,000 square feet of turf (~2.25 acres), which will need approximately 62,500* gallons of water per week (under normal watering schedule of 1″/week). This is equivalent to the amount of water 89 homes will use in the same amount of time.

Can we justify using drinking water to irrigate grass for our national pastime?

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We must sacrifice our lawns so MLB can keep theirs green

The Association of California Water Agencies and Sergio Romo of the World Champion San Francisco Giants have a message for you: “This summer, brown is the new green. Pretty much just let your lawn go brown, keep your watering to a minimum. That’s what’s up.

The real message: You need to let your grass die so “we” can use that water to keep our playing field green.

Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.

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What Can I Do To Lower My Water Usage? – Homeowner edition

current_ca_trdLast night, on the news, nearly every news station had a story on the drought and how you must reduce. But how many of them provided good, quality tips on ways that really work?

June 1st, 2015 marked the date where water reduction mandates would take effect. Homeowners MUST reduce their usage by up to 38% depending on where they live. The complete list is available here for “conservation standard” for your water company – information that is available at the State Water Resource Control Board website.

East Bay Municipal Utilities District – 16% reduction
Contra Costa Water District – 28% reduction

As a homeowner – what steps can you take to lower your usage – starting today to going extreme?

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Thinking of Re-Landscaping – Consider Using Mulch

flowerbed-with-mulchThinking of re-landscaping? Use mulch to cover bare spots on the ground.

Mulch does so much for the ground besides just making it look good. Mulch keeps moisture in, by limiting evaporation. Mulch breaks down and provides nutrients for the soil, which plants use to grow. Decomposed mulch can help the soil retain moisture as a water storage medium and its all natural.

Lots of people with clay soils want to add as much mulch as they can to help improve the quality of their soil. Compost helps too.

Mulch can be found in many different varieties – Home Depot has a vast assortment of mulch available – the best kind is free from the back of a tree trimming truck. Many tree trimming companies will be willing to leave 5-10 yards of wood chips on your driveway at the end of their day – just make sure you have the means to move it.

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How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

I had a lawn in my front yard. Emphasis on “had”. I took it out after realizing how much water it needed.

Grab a tape measure and measure your lawn. Start at one end and lay the tap measure down, if you run out of tape measure, stop in that spot, coil up the tape and start measuring again from that spot. Then add all the lengths together for that run. Then measure perpendicular from the run you just had so you end with a final Length x Width. Multiply the two numbers together to get your lawn area.

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