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MLB: Recycled water MIA at California Stadiums

How much water is needed for this field?

Have you ever wondered how much grass is at a Major League Baseball stadium? We did and found the answer.

The average professional baseball field will use around 100,000 square feet of turf (~2.25 acres), which will need approximately 62,500* gallons of water per week (under normal watering schedule of 1″/week). This is equivalent to the amount of water 89 homes will use in the same amount of time.

Can we justify using drinking water to irrigate grass for our national pastime?

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We must sacrifice our lawns so MLB can keep theirs green

The Association of California Water Agencies and Sergio Romo of the World Champion San Francisco Giants have a message for you: “This summer, brown is the new green. Pretty much just let your lawn go brown, keep your watering to a minimum. That’s what’s up.

The real message: You need to let your grass die so “we” can use that water to keep our playing field green.

Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.

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