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Tolerance of landscape TREE species to Recycled Water Spray

As previously noted in “What Impact Does Recycled Water Have On Plants In The Garden” this is the first in a series of data as provided from the UC Davis Report on “Landscape Plant Selection Guide For Recycled Water Irrigation“.

For this massive table, plants are listed in 4 columns. The first is its Botanical Name, second column is Common Name, third column is its tolerance to salt spray and fourth column is its tolerance to soil salinity.

Plants were watered with spray irrigation from recycled water.

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How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

I had a lawn in my front yard. Emphasis on “had”. I took it out after realizing how much water it needed.

Grab a tape measure and measure your lawn. Start at one end and lay the tap measure down, if you run out of tape measure, stop in that spot, coil up the tape and start measuring again from that spot. Then add all the lengths together for that run. Then measure perpendicular from the run you just had so you end with a final Length x Width. Multiply the two numbers together to get your lawn area.

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