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“Freak” rainstorm refills dry rain barrels

Hurricane Dolores – the same one whose moisture just ravaged I-10 near the California/Arizona border spawned some isolated storms in SF Bay Area. Those storms arrived around 1AM on Sunday morning as signified by a tweet from @NWSBayArea.

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If El Niño is coming – Lets Talk Stormwater Management

FacebooktrendingYou’ve seen the head lines. “Strongest El Niño On Record May Be Brewing In The Pacific“, “El Niño weather event is biggest since 1997, may trigger soaking winter storms“, or “Drought to deluge? El Nino’s impact on California“.

The “best management practice to reduce stormwater runoff” is rainwater harvesting. It is small-scale, but it works.

If this all holds true, then what can we as Californian’s do now to help our chances of saving all that rainwater and putting it back into the water table or the underground “savings accounts” when it does fall?

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It Rained! – June 10, 2015

Unless your blinds were closed and you never went outside today, the SF Bay Area received “measurable rainfall” today. I say that in quotes because the Governor of California considers that important when it comes to running your sprinklers.

In addition to the existing restrictions that prohibit:
  • Irrigating outdoors during and within 48 hours following measurable rainfall

You see, as a part of his mandate, if you run your sprinklers within 48 hours after any measurable rainfall, that is a violation and you could be reported  for violating “prohibited” watering. Violators are subject to $500 fines or suspension of water service. Severe yes, but a perfect time to report your enemies. Search for “water wasters” for their local water company.

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