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Share this with your friends!

Every Halloween something spooky shows up at the local wastewater treatment plant.

It is not the ghosts of goldfish passed, its the ridiculous volume of Halloween candy wrappers. Trash, if you will.

Now, while trash is a topic treatment plants will bore you with (think about those flushable wipes!), pollution caused by candy wrappers is real and only people who spend a decent amount of time dealing with it will speak up and say anything about it. So here goes:

Educate your children is it NOT OK to flush candy wrappers!

We wrote about this in depth last year in an article title “Every Holiday Has Its Own Pollution – Halloween Edition“, but the same holds true this year. Flushing candy wrappers down the drain is not an acceptable way to “hide the evidence” when your kids sneak their hard earned candy. Instead, if they sneak eat, and you find it in the trash, don’t embarrass them, thank them for not putting it down the drain. 🙂

So do us a favor, share the image at the top of this post, talk with your friends and your kids and share the message: Don’t flush candy wrappers down the drain!