No better time than the present to do a content roll up, even if I’m 19 days late.

Lets get straight to it. As normal, 4 articles were written, impressions from twitter were off the charts and international interest from South Africa was on the rise as well. Lets see what went down.

August 2016 – Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Stats

Photo borrowed from

Photo borrowed from

Labor Day is the first Monday in September and this year I wanted to thank every person that plays a part in making recycled water. For this we talked to our contributing agencies to find out some demographics of their workforce. We also calculated fill station stats and learned more than 11,000 California residents have hauled home 113 million gallons of recycle water.

Connecting a recycled water tank to an in-ground irrigation system

This article was meant to be a catch-all for people searching for how to do it. I wanted to hammer home that connecting any recycled water tank to in-ground irrigation was against the rules and users could lose their permit to haul free recycled water.

Hand-application is the safest way to ensure that residential users aren’t inadvertently putting drinking water quality at risk.”

Unlocking your gardens growth potential

I see this a lot – will recycled water make my plants grow big? In my experiments… yes! I compared two plants in my front yard – one set watered with drinking water, the other set watered with recycled water. Those watered with recycled water grow 3-4 times larger than those on drinking water. You be the judge, which is better for your yard?

Combat Carbon Atmospheric Levels With Trees

On September 29th, 2016, it was announced that worldwide Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels had surpassed the 400PPM mark and that we’ll never go back. Well, we could if we planted trees – a lot of trees. Trees drink water and convert CO2 into oxygen and cellulose (which is the wood in a tree), thus storing carbon dioxide. We have the ability now to do something about it.

So if rising CO2 levels is of concern to you, go plant a tree. 🙂

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